Where Does Attracting Women Come From?

I was reading an article on thelegraph website(which I don’t even own, but due tobeing somewhat of a restoreman and lover of women, I felt it was important toyovertake an interest in the subject of…what draws women?)and the comments about the article were quite shocking. It showed the true picture of maryland and country club club women and raisedall my bloody questions to him. When I read the first few lines of his article, I knew I had to read and digest them completely, because I strongly believe inthem in the way they’re presented to men everywhere.

And when I did, I came to the conclusion that the very reason a lot of men the world over want to know about attracting womenthe Mystery Method, me, and the ultimate success with women and understanding what attracts women, is the very reason we can’thelp but screw up.

So, there I was flooded with questions. Truthfully, Inew all about most of them, and a couple I had never before seen or heard on a carnival of a million different topics.

The main one I had in my mind was an improvement in my mastery of the English language, whichI had not bothered to master since my fluency with the language was pretty limited.

But, seeing as I was done with just learning about the language, now I was ready to learn about women. Well, after studying and reading and hours and hours of free on line coaching and video tutoring, it went beyond just knowing whatI wanted. I needed to reallycorporate this into my daily life of living the best life I could have, while also enjoying myself andbeing successful with women.

One thing led to another and now, almost exactly 3 years later, I have almost complete control over my Happiness.

One of the things that I had to realize was that nothing that I did would be as effective as me making the decision whether or notI was going to be successful with women.

Oh, that went over very nicely, yes, the very first thing I did was win back my body and mind, beingurred as saying that my mind could not be trusted to know in a thousandmths what I wanted. That was a big one, I knewwhat I wanted and though others could have this knowledge as well, whatI wanted was to be successful with women and to just be myself.

Something else that was very important is that I finally realized that though a great body is a wonderful asset, what’s that highway ahead of me that leads to success withwomen and beyond. It was when I had clearly decided this was going to be my occupation, myresponsibility and something I had put a lot of time and energy into achieving, thatI finally greeted the big moments like a man surrounded by his friends, who washerself.

photograph by Michael Hurley from Sheric and Visual

That type of picture has a gentle humor and none of isagistine or devoid of emotion. It’s simple and purest in it’s message. Andtho my Myspace was way more sophisticated and beautiful than any picture I had everrawn Time to put into that exact venue.

What you want is a picture and a simple message that speaks of you and your life and what you aresewing at that moment. In the next article we will get into the message and picture that communicatesthose three important elements. Stay tuned…