Whats Worse? Emotional Or Physical Cheating

Whats worse? Physical or emotional cheating? Men and women tend to think differently about these issues. This article will help you sort out the differences between the two and decide which type is worse. Ultimately, your decision depends on what you feel more strongly about. After all, both types of cheating are harmful to a relationship. However, both types are equally damaging. Despite what men and women say, there are some common characteristics that make each one worse than the other.

Sexual infidelity

While there are many theories regarding which is worse, sexual infidelity is often considered the worst form of cheating. The reason for this is that men react more strongly to infidelity than women do. The two sexes have different definitions of infidelity, and the differences between them may be attributed to evolutionary psychology. A recent study suggests that men react more strongly to physical infidelity than women do.

Emotional infidelity is not as easy to deal with. Often, the victim is forced to accept the loss of the relationship, and this can be extremely difficult to do. The partner may feel betrayed because they have been unable to trust the other person. Getting over an emotional cheating partner is difficult, but it is possible to overcome your feelings and move on. Many couples find it useful to seek counseling to work out their issues. If you are experiencing psychological damage due to an emotional cheating partner, you may want to consider seeing a mental health counselor.


In some cases, the woman may be less attracted to the male partner as she becomes more exposed to other men outside the home. Similarly, the gender roles within a male/female relationship may even begin to equalize. The male partner may even feel more fearful of a cuckolded wife, which he may have a hard time dealing with. In these circumstances, a man should be cautious to avoid sexual infidelity.

There are many different factors that can affect a man’s response to infidelity. One study conducted at the Norwegian University of Science & Technology found that men are more likely to forgive emotional cheating than physical ones, but men were more likely to feel threatened by physical cheating. Women, on the other hand, felt the opposite way about physical infidelity. These factors can create misunderstandings and miscommunication.

While physical affairs may be more obvious, emotional affairs are much harder to spot. Typical signs include cheesy texts, inappropriate pictures, and a man angling away from his partner when looking at his phone. Another sign of emotional infidelity is your boyfriend catching pictures of his ex on Instagram or watching her Insta stories with a co-worker. The emotional connection is stronger than physical fidelity and can lead to more pain.

Emotional infidelity

Why is emotional infidelity worse than physical cheating? There are a few reasons. First, it’s garbage. Infidelity based on feelings and inner thoughts is not a healthy relationship. Second, emotional cheating can involve anyone, not just the primary partner. Finally, emotional cheating is unrecoverable. Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself from emotional infidelity. Read on to discover the best ways to protect yourself from emotional cheating.

In the early days, sexual intimacy was a major part of relationships, and men learned to be hypervigilant about sex. Similarly, they could never be absolutely sure about a child’s parentage. As a result, women began to worry about the future of their partners, particularly when it came to children. But, a recent study showed that men felt guilty after emotional infidelity than physical infidelity. Moreover, men often feel guilty even if they are not guilty of physical infidelity.


If emotional infidelity is not the problem, it’s important to guard your relationship against it. Building a close friendship and trust between you and your partner can protect your marriage from emotional cheating. Creating regular dates, making time for quality time together, and learning healthy conflict are some ways to protect your relationship. Then, when things get too intense, you can start engaging in a more intense and meaningful conflict.

Physical infidelity

There are two types of infidelity, physical and emotional. The first kind is more obvious – it involves sex and physical contact. However, it is far more difficult to detect – a man may just glance at a phone when he’s not looking at his partner. The second type involves emotional cheating, which often occurs when a man looks at his ex’s Insta stories or has lunch with a co-worker.

The best way to avoid the devastating consequences of physical infidelity is to avoid these two kinds of infidelity. Emotional infidelity is often much worse than physical infidelity. While the emotional affair is more casual than physical infidelity, it is just as damaging. Both kinds of infidelity are devastating and will lead to divorce, if not more so. So, choose wisely. The best thing to do is to work towards a healthy, loving relationship.

Differences between men and women on which is worse

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Minnesota and Chapman University found that the level of pain caused by emotional or physical infidelity was more than twice as high as that of sexual infidelity. However, only a small group of men put emotional cheating at the top. According to the authors of the study, differences in the levels of pain caused by physical or emotional infidelity are likely due to underlying evolutionary psychology and cultural gender roles.

The differences between men and women on which is worse is an interesting one. In general, men view physical as being more satisfying. This makes physical infidelity harder to forgive, because it involves another man having something that he doesn’t have. Men also take pride in a woman’s body and consider it sacred. They can be prone to physical infidelity, but they are more likely to admit to it.