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Types of Texts Guys Should Never Send

Never Send – There are a few types of texts guys should never send. First, they should never send the same text more than once. Next, they should not use emojis or slang. Finally, they should not text a guy to wish him luck with a presentation. If you want to keep a guy interested, read on to discover the most common types of text messages that should never be sent. Here are a few tips to help you avoid these mistakes.

Avoid sending slang or emojis

The most obvious emoji to avoid when texting a guy is the scream emoji. It is used to convey extreme badassery, and a genuinely cool friend would use it sparingly. However, “fake cool” friends often overuse it. This emoji can make your text look raunchy, but it should only be used when your guy is asking you out for a date.

Another emoji to avoid using when texting a guy is the tongue emoji. While men tend to enjoy using this emoji, it’s difficult for women to decipher it. The tongue emoji is not only confusing, it can also be gross. A good alternative is to use winking or smirking faces to flirt with a guy.

Don’t use emojis unless the situation calls for it. Emojis are often helpful, but a bad choice in this situation could make you appear like a “nerdy guy.” Instead of using a wink emoji, use a wink-face emoji. Using emojis sparingly is a great way to flirt, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to sound like a “freaky guy” and turn off guys.

While emojis are great, men should be smart enough to avoid them. The eggplant emoji, for example, has sexual connotations. While this is fine for friends, it’s not appropriate for romantic partners. It’s okay to use emojis in work-related texts as long as you use them appropriately, and make sure they’re not inappropriate.

Never Send

Never Send

The thumbs up emoji is confusing to men and can give the wrong impression. Men don’t want to waste time trying to interpret what emoji means. The thumbs-up emoji is often mistaken for an ‘OK’ emoji and can make your messages look confusing to them Never Send. So avoid using thumbs up when texting a guy.

Avoid texting a guy while he’s away

One of the most common mistakes women make when it comes to their relationships is texting a guy while he’d be gone. It’s tempting to text a guy just to stay in touch. But if you’re not putting in the work, he might not respond. It’s also possible that he’s moved on and you’re missing him. In this case, the only way to avoid this is to be consistent and not to miss any opportunities to contact him.

Also, keep your texts short and sweet. Don’t go on about your life, or try to catch him off guard by explaining what you’ve been up to in a few hours. Men are busy people and they may take hours or even days to reply to your messages. If you’re too impatient to wait for a reply from a guy, chances are that he’s not interested.

Don’t use multiple text messages. While this may be tempting, men dislike it and tend to ignore multiple messages sent at a time. This can also make your texts sound like ghosting. You’ll want to send the same message once you’ve established that you’re serious and committed to each other. But keep in mind that men aren’t like this because they have legitimate reasons for texting. So, if you find yourself thinking that you’re being ignored, it’s time to move on.

Never Send

If you’re texting a guy while he’d rather be with you, be more selective about what you send. Those texts that contain too much information could make him angry or frustrated with you. Sending too many texts can make him decide to leave you alone Never Send. Moreover, it will make you look desperate and hopeless to catch him. You’ll end up with a lonelier guy who won’t reply to your messages.

Another mistake people make is texting a guy while he’d be out. While your boyfriend might not be aware of what you’re doing Never Send, his friends may already know everything about you. If he’d be interested in you, he would text you and go out of his way to impress you. Instead, you’re just being clingy. So, if you’re texting a guy while he’s gone, make sure you stop and wait until he’s back.

Never Send