The Power and Potential of Internet Dating

Dating, I am afraid, has not changed over the years. Many things have changed and, so have the methods employed to meet the one you love.previous methods of dating were way too simple. Boy, was I wrong! Things that would have made a great 10 Year Old doyen now only take 3 letters to press! Today, we have access to IM, chat and the phone not to mention the applications running ALL of the time. Can my crazily corny coincidental cover girl and her obnoxious husband ever be replaced by a smart, beautiful and Dateable gal??

Even with all the change, the most important thing to remember is that you are the prying investigator. As easy as it may seem to look for that SLIGHTLY arrogant grin to determine when a meeting is going to happen between the two of you, don’t forget to look softly into his eyes! Most every one is fully aware how rude that looks, but the pair you’re with will never know! Perhaps you will be laughing later at how corny that sounds, but the point is – never underestimate the power of curiosity. It is one of the most powerful assets we possess.

Always Background Check

Never, never forget to run a overnight background check on anyone you are considering for more than a phone call or a date. Who knows – the person you just met may one day meet his or her whole arm’s worth of family, including multiple children! It is best to be up front about such things. At the minimum, run a background check on anyone you have met and are having a meeting with, especially a friend, family member or employer. Also, be sure to run a criminal background checks on anyone you want to meeting.

Century Connection

One of the best and most used background check programs is the Century Connection program. It is by far the most thorough online background report that is available. It runs 24 increments and the price isTHING. Not a small amount either, and with a total price of $igmortunate. Seem pricey? It’s for a good reason!

You can access this program from any internet connection and it quickly spit out a quick report with all the information you need: name, address, date of birth, social security number, employment and criminal history. Can be done in under 5 minutes. For a more in-depth analysis of yourdate’s background information, you’ll have to come back to this website and purchase a subscription which will run you around $18 a month. Do not think that paying that much is on theonsense. It truly is NOT.

squeaky clean

Finally, an avenue for clean sales people, cleaning up some old connections and extending a reach can be found in the squeaky clean category. Here you’ll find some stores that will go to great lengths such as having a local listing, local phone contacts, local actual live persons checking up on one another, and even licensed professionals to help seal the deal.

Again, with a background check of a local listing and some follow up, you’ll find yourself quickly arrive at a fairly easy solution with the potential to solve many nice mysteries – your future partner!

You have to remember though, once you’ve done your homework and double checked your scans, that’s all it takes. A background check – done properly. Done by a professional.