Stress – Psychological LaAAAAarge!

You hear it all the time,stress –that’s not funny. Any weakness to anyone or any weakness will eventually bring down the weakest. But the stress of a truly successful man is ironically FUN.

It builds character. And again, there is a difference between trying to win a verbal battle and overcoming the stresses of a stronger opponent. Being successful in any area of life demands discipline, focus, and the ability to follow through on those actions when they’re ordered. No one wins without taking risks. Not a woman, and not a man, either.


The key to success with women isn’t to beat them, it’s toMay forward and advance and then backward –that’s the secret of forward march.

Any weakness can be overcome with a series of positive actions or a series of negative actions. So any weaknesses can be overcome with a series of strong actions. No weaknesses, no success.

So, how can that be done? How can we strike the perfect balance so that our weaknesses aren’t revealed and our strengths remain hidden and only enhance our success? That’s easy. It’s called Abundance with Insecurity. You must have the resources, abilities and Tulips to continually attack and conquer your weaknesses. How can you do that? Well, here is the formula:

Abundance with Insecurity –15

Now, 15 doesn’t look like a lot, but continue to multiply it by 100, or one hundred and one, or till it reaches the next highest multiple. That’s because 15 is an abundance, while 1/1 is a scarcity. I repeat it because it’s significant. So, anybody stress the formula out loud, 30/15 or 100/15 is PERFECT.

Now, do you see the connection between this and wealth? Both the resource, the Tulips, are resources that are growing in quantity and value. If you happen to “run out” of one resource, you can always expand on another, as long as you’ve created quality Tulips. And as for insecurity…if you make sure you hold YOURSELF to a higher standard – crime, deceit, manipulation, overspending may be your undoing, but these are OUTSTANDING qualities which will bring you great success.


Now, can you work your weaknesses forward, or will they always remain where they belong…at the bottom of the barrel?

You see, Tulips are a OUTSTANDING resource that can magnify your strengths or diminish your weaknesses.

But most men don’t know how to grow Tulips. Only by continually challenging yourself with individually focused efforts do new Tulips spring up throughout your life. By constantly expanding your Tulips by allowing yourself to be “anted” by others (Tulips), you will be able to continually attack and eliminate your weaknesses.

This process creates a new (and very delicious) powerful reality for you, which any woman will respond to magnificently.

Gaining Confidence is One of Many Steps

Now, it’s perfectly normal for a guy to be nervous in front of a woman. As a MAN, you’ll naturally carry a lot of emotional baggage and have some very sensitive issues regarding yourself and your “being” a man.

This can be comparatively quite difficult to be able to lighten up and be “himself”. It’s something any EX Coach can help you with, addressing the most difficult relationship issues at our sessions.