How to Make a Woman Feel Like a Woman

What makes a woman go through the myriad of emotions called love? Is it something you can create in her? Of course it is! Read on to find out how you can make a woman feel Lock Holding, thereby creating deep attraction with these killer attraction stripping techniques…


The majority of men encounter a couple of problems when they are attempting to score with women. First, they are entirely too ‘nice’. Do you know being nice has NEVER and will NEVER lead to attraction from a woman.

Think about it. Unless you’re being nice to her with a genuine motive behind it, you’re just being good buddy who’s going to watch her period, get dressed, and listen to her go on about her periods.

Do yourself a favors and be the best man you can be. Bonus? Well, you can screw up your chances with her if you’re not sincere about being the ‘nice’ guy.

What women want is a man who has his own purpose and path in life. This is why getting in the way of that is such a turn off. If you’re trying to be nice to her, she’s going to wonder what you’re trying to accomplish and whether you’re really into her, or simply having an wasting game with her.

How do you achieve your mission? Simple. Become the man you WANT to be. Stop doing anything to lose her, and be the man she needs by becoming the best man you can be.

Lock Holding.

There’s a lot of men out there who unintentionally create a lot of unnecessary lock holding when they try to kiss a woman or hold her hand. Make this a 1on1, intimate moment just between you and her. Pushing for physical touches will only scare her away, if you don’t establish a genuine connection and meaningful chemistry early on.

Real Connection.

To have a real connection with someone, you want to share the very same emotional highs and lows that she has in her life. I’ve had this happen a lot with women I’ve just met. What that means is that they have problems that they’re having relating to the environment and the other person in the interaction.

Seek to have emotional space in the interaction. This means that you’re going to share a bit about your life, but you won’t share everything. By doing this, she won’t be able to feel like you’re just talking about you – she needs to feel that there’s a real connection going on between the two of you.

Take Things Slow.

Take things slow, and don’t try to get her number too quickly. This means not asking for her number until the following date. And take your time sending her text messages and calling her up. Girls run away from desperate guys. So play it cool, and be patient. Finally – after a few dates – send her a candy bar. It’s a great way to create a connection with her – it won’t run her off, and she will feel like you’re not just some guy trying to get into her pants.

In conclusion, learning optimal male-female interaction may take some practice. Even if you follow these tips consistently, remember that interactions are random, and cannot be guaranteed. However, as the old adage goes, “There is always room for improvement!” In other words, improve on your offer — your mannerisms, conversational skills, and overall attitude – and you will inevitably attract a desirable partner.