How to Make a Guy Keep Coming Back for More – Intrigue Him With These Useful Tips

Men are tall, dark and handsome. So what’s the big deal with that? You see, a lot of women fall short when trying to impress a man. In fact, they do not bother to look into what they are doing or to understand why a man might find them lacking. It is because women are so afraid of being perceived inferior that they do everything possible to cover up their shortcomings. However, your man is not one of these women. So, instead of missing his obvious flaws, why don’t you try to do something about them? Learn how to make your man keep coming back for more.

Understand your man.Try to understand the things going on in his mind. In a relationship, a woman must understand how her man feels. If you are able to do this, you will be able to get deeper meaning behind his actions. You may feel unspoken messages from your man. You may observe that he is not pleased when he sees you working hard. Perhaps, he may be looking for a better career elsewhere. What you have to do to find out what his thoughts are would be through communication.

Have a sense of mystery.Women should never be in complete control of their lives. The men will always be the ones who influence the choices that the women make. And therefore, if the mystery is gone, the relationship -and the woman- will end abruptly. So what you can do to keep your man is to remain mysterious. Always.

Let him be exposed to new things from time to time.This is the very reason why women today have become so secretive. You should give your man some time. Let him go out with his friends at night. Let him be left alone to do the things that he loves doing. Doing so will ensure that your man will not be bored with your relationship.

Be honest in your communication with him.You must tell your man in the most honest manner every time that you are not his mother. Even if your man is getting older, he should still have the right to have a woman in his life who loves him and cares for him. What men want is sincerity in dealing with them. So don’t appear fake in front of your man.

Never get tired of loving him.Most of the women who have an insecure or abusive relationship never improve it by being with a man. Being in a relationship means being committed and loving. Never make your relationship a war. Never make the mistake of going to war in order to sort things out. A lot of women have tried that in the past and they ended up in uncomfortable and depressing relationships. If you can exert sincerity in looking for ways to improve your relationship, chances are, you will be able to come out of this okay.

Keep the mystery in the relationship.If you believe that you’re keeping your man around by faking it, then this relationship is built on sand. And as soon as this secret is revealed, this man will get tired of you in no time. Men are fickle-minded. They won’t bother working at a job that’s made a fool of them. You must believe that it’s important to keep the mysteriousness in your relationship. Once you do, your man will work extra hard at keeping it. That, in turn, will motivate him to work extra hard at maintaining your relationship. He will do so not because he’s pressed for time, but because he really loves you.