How to Get That One Special Girl

How to Get That One Special Girl

Special Girl – Some guys just don’t know how to approach girls. They get shy; some don’t have the confidence to talk to a girl at all. These are the guys that fail to get a girl’s number, never get a date, and yes, are almost always going home alone. If you, like these guys, never seems to meet anyone, you need to improve your communication skills and learn how to approach girls.

How to Get That One Special Girl

You absolutely must have confidence and self-esteem, or even more than confidence, to approach girls and talk to them. The truth is that girls are just as nervous as guys. They do NOT want to feel like they are being stalked or grabbed from behind. They wonder if you are going to try to talk to them. They don’t want to be rejected and they certainly don’t want to have no interest in you whatsoever.

The girls that do give you their number are not necessarily interested in going on a date with you. You will never get a first date with those girls because your interaction was one-sided and one-sided. You had no interest in her, you didn’t have to ask her out, and she didn’t care to give you her number, and if she was interested in you, she would have given it to you herself.

Let’s look at it this way; if you don’t ask, she gives you rejection. Now, it is true that girls want to be approached, but they want it to be by someone that is interesting and confident. They don’t want a needy person. How can she give you rejection? She can’t. She can’t reject you if you don’t ask. So, if you want to get a girl’s number, ask. But what question do you want her to answer? If her answer is not what you want to hear, then do not continue talking to her. You are not needy and desperate and she doesn’t need your business, so move on.

If she gives you her number, great. If she doesn’t, she was not interested in you anyway!

It’s like the business of baseball. If the baseball team gets a hit, their next at bat is much more likely to score, or get a hit. If the pitch is not good, the next at bat will be easier.

The dating game is the same way. You can’t hit a home run if you never swing.

You need to learn how to approach a girl, get a date, and how to talk to girls. Not just how to get a girl’s phone number, but walks down the street, coffee shop, room, club, etc.

How to Get That One Special Girl

One of the secrets of success is practice. You must practice getting a girls phone number, e-mail, MySpace, Facebook, whatever. You will not make it someplace you are not comfortable with, comfortable with is another way of looking at it. You will succeed if you practice. The same goes for the games of the business world. You practice being in control, sales, as well as the more non-datinggy external factors like bed fitness, exercise, etc. The more you practice, the more you will get comfortable.

Practice today, you practice tomorrow, and tomorrow you practice forever. Every time you go out into the world, pick something you think you might be interested in, approach something you think you might be interested in, and learn a little about women. (Or men.) The more you do this, the more you will become confident, and soon, you will find that you have an incredible amount of confidence that will make youilthemselsmeet.

Special Girl