How to Ask a Girl Out and Never Face Rejection! Here is Something Every Guy Should Know

Too often it is the fear of rejection that stops a man from asking a girl out on an actual date. All you need to do is relax and be confident of yourself before you make that move towards her. Here are some ways to help you get over the fear of rejection.

It’s okay to be a little bit nervousIt’s okay to be a little bit nervous when you are asking a girl out on a date, but you need to behave confidently. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that what you have to say is good enough and is matter-of-Fact. You see, getting rejected is not something to fear, so you need to condition yourself to stay away from anxiety.

Project the right imageMost dating advice will tell you to be yourself and act confident. But if you want to be successful in asking a girl out, then you need to change your image. Project the right image of a guy who is self assured and can deal with one rejection. Girls will accept you as you are.

Don’t over analyze the situation and create negative thoughtsBefore you ask a girl out, you need to be sure of yourself and your actions. Over analyzing will make you nervous and insecure which will get in the way of getting a yes response. Concentrate on the present and choose to have a good time. Things will fall into place when you keep an open mind.

Practice what you want to do over and over againIt is also important to practice what you want to do over and over again till you master your new skills. Write down all your plans and practice doing them at home. Keep a set of good ideas in your head to help you think of an answer to a particular question.

Have a good conversation and create interestThere are many ways to ask a girl out. Don’t list them all down, just pick the best 3 or 4 and work on them till you are completely confident with them. A little experimenting and trying will create more success than sticking to a rehearsed script.

Flirt and create sexual tensionTouch her and create sexual tension. A light touch on her arm or hand will get her interest and be very willing to go out on a date with you. Teasing her will help you to get the message across to her. Sooner or later in the dating process she will give you a yes response.

Keep showing her that you are a great catchDon’t give her the usual compliments. She might just think you are flattering her and will not go out with you. Instead give her something different and tell her how great you think she is. Girls love to hear praise, but they just love to hear it from a guy they might actually go out with.

Be patient and persistently ask herIf nothing else works you need to be patient and persistent and plant the seed in her mind that you are interested in her. Make it obvious that you like her. You can tell her something like she is stunning or she has an amazing sense of humor, etc. She needs to know that you like her. Take the conversation in that direction and you will be successful.

Be positive and keep smiling till the endThe last thing you want to do is to have a sullen attitude and whining about how things don’t go your way. You have to look at the days in a positive way and learn to smile and be positive. Agree to disagree and you are bound to find some success.